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03/05/2007: "Yashio Cruise 2" mood: Byouki

I finished the last of my midterms this week and was looking forrward to the weekend. Due to a special request though, I will not discuss the events between friday afternoon and saturday afternoon. All I can really say is that I now have a cold and had to battle several agressive massage 'therapists'/hookers to leave me alone while walking down the street in the scum-infested shithole that is Roppongi. angry, grr

I spent the majority of the rest of the weekend resting up in bed. On sunday evening, Neal invited me over to hang out with him, his neighbor, and Masa. I needed some fresh air and just finished a secret mission to pickup "the goods" from a locker in Shibuya, so I was more then happy to attend.

Also at Neal's house was the girl who owned the white silvia from my first Yashio Cruise post, Yasuko. Seeing a girl into modifying cars stateside is pretty rare, so I was excited to make the new friend. The evening progressed along nicely, drinking some beverages and enjoying some Japanese conversation practice. Masa also showed me that his car was featured on the cover of the ever-famous Option magazine.

Dang he's practically famous! I guess Tec Arts, the shop who built his car with him, used his car as their shop representative machine for the Option article. Pretty exciting stuff; I too have also wanted to make it to the cover of a magazine with a car but yet to have made it.

That's Masa on the left and Yasuko on the right.

There's Neal giving me a death-stare with his older son Kai.

This is Neal's wife, Kanae, and her younger son Riku..who was posing as a power ranger ninja or some other deadly warrior.

And here I am with my ears about to bleed after trying to decipher 4 hours of straight speedy Japanese.

That's ok though cause we're hanging out with friends! confused

Masa decided to call up one of his other car guys to see if he'd be willing to come out to show me his car. His friend, Takashi-san, agreed and headed over. When his car rolled up I was pretty impressed. An S14.5 (S14 Silvia with S15 Silvia front end conversion).

His car has endless gobs of mods in it which cost him a fortune. Making around 500ps utilizing one of the biggest turbochargers in the market with a fully built/stroked motor revving to 9,000rpm. Body, interior, suspension, it's all completely modified. I discuss the majority of it in the above video and to my surprise, he offered to sell it to me for 20k, which is pretty cheap considering the transmission he has in the car cost 15k alone. I'm not a rich man though and I'd be scared of that much power in a car for what I want to do.

We went out for a quick test drive to feel what the transmission and light throttle of a 500 horse Silvia was like. Pretty impressive I must say. Even on partial throttle it is probably the most powerful car I've ever been in. You can also see Masa's S14 parked in front of the S14.5.

Pics of his caged interior and my super awesome Bride patched jeans. Don't be jealous cause I know my way around a needle and thread. The S14.5 has custom gauge setup with stack digital readout, boost, and nitrous pressure. Don't forget the tilted man-tach keeping track of his 9k redline.

His engine bay pretty much is the hottest thing I've ever seen, ever. His polished T-67 turbo is large enough to each a small child and probably would given the chance. He had so many aftermarket engine parts, both visible and non-visible, that I could hardly catch them all. As stated in the video, he also has a brake balancer installed to manually adjust the brake bias front and rear. From what I've seen, only the highest modified track cars bother using something so advanced. Then again I've never seen a clutchless Dogmission tranny on the street before either.

Here is Takshi-san JDM posing next to his beastly machine. How does someone get so rich you ask? Well when you're a talented software engineer I guess they throw super large salaries at you. Takashi was a totally nice guy and I really appreciate him letting me take the time to take pictures and video fo his car.

Thought I'd include some better pics of Masa's car since the first Yashio Cruise post were last minute and used dirty/ugly flash. No flash = better pictures.

Lastly, a picture of me getting psyched up to feel the S14.5's engine in action.

I didn't get home till late which I'm sure didn't help my cold but it was worth it. As always, thanks for viewing Urbanslide; I look forrward to sharing more with you in the future. big grin

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Friday, March 9th
kekkou! cool eh?

Akito [e-mail]
Friday, March 9th
please keep us posted!!
Takashi san 14 its a beast.
and I love the bronze on Masas 14 just like my Mr2 paint.
I wish my 180 had the abilities of those beautiful cars. just hard work and patience will get me there. take cares!! razz

Tokyojosh [e-mail] [homepage]
Wednesday, March 7th
I cant wait to to get out there crazy Its almost impossible to meet anyone like that here in Tokyo. Cars are hard to come buy lol

Monday, March 5th
nice video, you still have a lot ahead of you before you can use primire !!