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02/25/2007: "Izarific" mood: sleepy

shocked Zounds! The night after Tsukiji and nothing to do. My original plan was to pull another all-nighter with Tokyo Josh, Ray, and a couple J-girls from school at some clubs in Shibuya. Unfortunately, the girls couldn't go cause their boyfriends feared the masculine prowess of the American man. This crushed Tokyo Josh so he decided to stay home and have a good cry. Ray apparently never really heard about this plan to begin with. So I was left with no plans for the night. I was kind of tired anyway so I didn't mind as much.

It was gyoza night at my house. Gyoza is my favorite food here. It's chinese I know (I don't like Japanese food to tell you the truth) but I love it anyway. When we make it at home I always eat more than my stomach can handle then go into a deep slumber of rare happiness. After i finished my gyoza meal though, I received an email to my phone from Ikuta.

In my second post I introduced Ikuta. 2 years ago I met him with some other members from Freemode when visiting the 05' Tokyo Auto Salon. We've been friends ever since and freuqently hang out when I'm in Tokyo. Since I live here now, I see him at least once every two weeks. He messaged me inviting me out to eat with his friend Hide (pronounced hee-day) in Ueno. Since Ueno is a mere hour from my home, I agreed.

As I said before, the most common thing to do is hang out in an Izakaya. We ended up going to the same Izakaya that we went to the last time we were in Ueno. They have this cheap person menu which I'm a big fan of ($2.50 per item). We ate, we drank, and I learned lots more slang Japanese. Here, I'll share one with you: futsukayoi. This word is most important. It translates to "Hangover" but exactly means two days drunk. Those wacky japanese with their words.

Hide bought some Korean slop pancake. It wasn't that bad to tell you the truth.

Those of you from the bay area or sacramento, you'll know what I'm trying to teach Ikuta just by looking at the above picture. If you're not from those areas, I'm in fact trying to show him how to display his Thizz Face. He didn't get it though and it didn't sound nearly as hip describing it in Japanese as "illegal drug face reaction".

Man....all this beer is making me thirsty...

Look as he explains the finer arts of Hashi use (that's chopsticks to us baka-gaijin).

That screen to the right, which isn't working cause our table is lame, is a touch screen order menu. High-tech restaurant I tell you what.

Like I said cheap, my beers and order of squid legs only cost 1,000yen.

Yea, I have Japanese buddies. crazy

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Mango [e-mail]
Monday, March 5th
and chamorro ones... cool eh?

Mango [e-mail]
Monday, March 5th
and chamorro ones... cool eh?

Monday, March 5th
So you gonna keep the pimp hand strong on some jdm ACE? Remember what you owe me when i get there... All right.

JDMnick [e-mail] [homepage]
Saturday, March 3rd

Hows it goin boss?

Glad to see you are still kickin!

It almost hurts me to check this page out every night!

i miss japang so very much...