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02/19/2007: "Midterms = Pain" mood: ultra tired

First let me apologize. I really meant to update earlier, believe me I really did. I even have two moderatly interesting posts in the cue waiting to be put up. I've just been incredibly busy with midterms. Since I'm pretty much halfway through my first 4 month semester, all of my professors are throwings gobs of midterm work at me. angry, grr

A total of two three page essays for Japanese Culture, 2 4 page essays and 1 2-3 page journal essay for Japanese Literature, 1 extensive test on Language and Race, 1 extensive Japanese grammar test, and 1 Japanese conversation interview test crammed into a little over a week is getting me a bit fried. On top of that each of these collective assignments for each class represent on average about 30% of my final grade.

As you can see, even now at 3am after finishing a Japanese Literature essay, the amount of work is levying a heavy toll on me. Whether I'll stop crying tears of crimson blood, only time will tell. But, I wanted to give reason for the long delay without an update so here I am.

Worry not though, before you know it I'll have more excitingly JDM content for you to enjoy. wink

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Wednesday, February 21st
is that katchup? Your gig is up bat man. lol < what in the world is that?

Tuesday, February 20th
> Well don't feel too bad... I have about a month to do the following:

Block II Training on Marine Net (required)

1. Go to Marine Net. (you can go to usmc.mil and on the left hand side, click on the Marine Net Link to access Marine Net)

2. Go and click onto Pre-Deployment Training

3. Log onto Pre-Deployment Training

4. Click on PTP2. Enroll in PTP2 Course PTPB2VO01- Vehicle Operations-PTPB2

The class will cover - Convoy Ops

Urban TTP Orientation

5. Enroll in PTP2 Course PTPB2EOF01- Escalation of Force/Vehicle/Entry Check point


The class will cover – Rules of Engagement

Escalation of Force

6. Enroll in PTP2 Course PTPB2PPCA01 – Pre and Post Combat Actions – PTPB2

The class will cover - Pre-combat checks and Pre-combat Inspections

7. Enroll in PTP2 Course PTPB2IED01 – Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) – PTPB2

The class will cover – IED Defeat

8. Enroll in PTP2 Course PTPB2CA01 – Cultural Awareness – PTPB2

The class will cover – Iraq Culture and Orientation

9. Enroll in PTP2 Course PTPB2Do01 – Detainee Operations –PTPB2

The class will cover – Detainee Handling

10. Enroll in PTP2 Course PTPB2EMC01 – Every Marine a Collector – PTPB2

The class will cover – Every Marine a Collector

11. Click on PTP1. Enroll in PTPB1FSS01 – Fixed Site Security – PTPB1

The class will cover – Fixed Site Security

*the class takes about Firm Base Operations, it is the right course

12. Enroll in PTPB1FA01 – First Aid – PTPB1

The class will cover – IFAK

Force Health Protection

Casevac Training

Block II Required Class Training for everyone that cannot be completed via Marine Net are as follow:

Media Awareness - PAO

Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Brief – Unit ATO

Combat Stress – Medical

Threat Weapons Familiarization - ??someone with hands on knowledge

Law of War - SJA

Vehicle and Dismounted Patrolling - ??someone with hands on knowledge

High Risk Capture – G2


Mango [e-mail]
Monday, February 19th
I am glad to know your not just racing cars out there!! Blood looks very realistic too.