About Urbanslide
Urbanslide.com first started as a drift website centering around the lifestyle and events of my Sacramento based drift club (Freemode). As time passed, getting frequent coverage and updates became increasingly difficult leading to the site almost being deleted. Freemode's internal politics over their first year stabilized and more organization began to form which lead to the creation of clubfreemode.com, a new website dedicated solely to Freemode. That left Urbanslide.com unattended and without a purpose. Now, with the adventure I'm about to undertake, the site breathes new life.

What is Urbanslide.com Now?
My name is Mason and staring January 07' I will be leaving my home of California, USA to study abroad in Japan for a minimum of 2 years to finish my college degree and start my career. The last 2 1/2 years I have been studying here at home pursuing my International Business degree with a minor in Japanese. My original plan was to transfer to a school in LA, but during a Japanese class session a visitor came from Temple University, Japan. Temple was offering an opportunity to fully transfer abroad and complete the remainder of my schooling there. After long consideration and much research i decided to apply to the school.

In August 06' I was accepted to TUJ(Temple University Japan) and thus started the process of the adventure. Throughout the remainder of 06' I went through the long and tedious task of getting the student visa, managing finances, and closing up my life here in the US. On Jan, 2 2007 I hopped onto a plane and left my familiar home in California to a new and quite foreign one in Japan. I now attend Temple in Tokyo and am working hard to achieve my educational and career goals here in the land of the rising sun.

Urbanslide.com is a site depicting my life as it progresses here in Japan. Much like a blog I will be making frequent posts throughout the week discussing life, and the difficulties and experiences I face here. Posts will also share pics of my friends, surroundings, school, and any other quirky or interesting happenings in Tokyo. Once a month I will piece together a video with segments showcasing the most interesting events I experience which will be then viewable in the videos and posts section.

Things I share of course will be things I have interests and hobbies in. Primarily I'll be showing the car and drift subculture here in Tokyo and Japan. I also have interests in youth culture, anime, politics and much of the other world popular Japan based hobbies.

So please join me in my experiences here visit back soon! Email me with any ideas or questions!